Hello everyone !


I’m UEO from Italy, i was born in Como on May 28, 1980 from a simple working class family that I love.

I can affirm taht thanks to my grandparents i’ve inherit my creative leaning:

my grandfather was a really great painter and a textile designs creator; my grandmother worked for a long time as art gallery director, developing her love for every kind of art works.

My life changed radically when i’ve started my ‘marriage’ with the tattoo:

that’s my passion, my hobby, my life.

I grew up in da street as crazy Writer, i was looking for something different ad full of adrenaline!

And i’ve found it . . . since i was 14 years old.

So, when i was yung my favourit hobby were painting and painting and painting !

My school was the street, yes, but i’ve also attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, in Milan which gave me the Basic techniques for my actual job.

But i’ve the particular tendence to do FREE HAND, at first on the wall, after on the paiper and now on the skin.

My key word is definitely improvisation.

During my carreer as writer and decorator for privates i knew the world of tattoo reading a tattoo magazine casually; something told me ‘TRY’.

At the age of 22 i’ve started to do some tattoo on my friends bodies with three needles holded together and ink, and i could realize that i love this kind of art.

Thanks to @maxinfernoink, my old but gold teacher, i had improoved my techniques also collaborating with other big tattooers.

My first tattooshop was my grandmother clobber shop, more little than the little . . . but unique and full of happiness, full of friends.

Traveling for me was a really big chance to meet other people with my own passion and to know other new techniques.

Conventions required me too much diligence . . . but i’m excited everytimes to go!

After 12 years of experience, today i can affirm that my style is the ‘UEO JAPAN STYLE’, cause i’ve studied how to personalize the classic traditional japan with something more dinamic and suitable. Japan is my speciality, but in rare cases i can do something else . . . only for firends 😉

Actually I have two tattooshops that I manage with the help of my great tattooer team and my lovely girlfriend.

The best part of my job is the daily discover, it makes me in a continuous learning mental mood and it allowed me to grow up without stops . . . awesome.

Today I ve gain more than my expectations winning too many awards, attending the biggest world tattoo conventions and stating my name as a serious tattoo artist.

I can not desire more than this.